Friday, November 5, 2010

Backyardigans Christmas DVD!

We love Backyardigans - and were so happy to receive their newest DVD a couple weeks back! Nickelodeon sent us the Christmas with the Backyardigans for us to tell you all about! It is available NOW for you to purchase as well! This is their first-ever holiday release too!

One thing that I really like about these DVD's from Nickelodeon are there are multiple episodes on the DVD's - not only one and done. Kinda nice for a longer "quiet time" activity.

Here is a little about the episodes:
*The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve - Abominable Snowmen Tyrone and Austin accidentally take Santa's magic sack. Now the action elves (Uniqua, Pablo and Tasha) must use their talents to bring the sack back to Santa and save Christmas.

*Pablo and the Acorns - Acorn scouts Tasha, Tyrone and Austin are in a space race for the Crystal of Power vs. the evil space-dictators Pablo and Uniquor!

*The Big Dipper Diner - Space police Tyrone and Tasha mistake Uniqua and Pablo's sweetest customer as a dangerous space alien known as the Blarg.

*The Amazing Splashinis - Uniqua, Tyrone and Pablo, diving experts, are practicing their newest, highest, most riskiest dive at the Splashini Water Park when a sea monster interupts their practice. While he's great fun to play with, they need to get down to business!

Each of the four episodes is what you come to expect from the Backyardigans - just plain cute!

GET YOUR OWN! It is available for purchase NOW! You can get your own Christmas with the Backyardigans where you purchase your DVD's currently, or you can click HERE!

shannonsignature copy*I was provided with a copy of Christmas with the Backyardigans free of charge in order to give my unbiased opinion and to conduct this review. What was written above is my opinion!*

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