Sunday, November 7, 2010

Celebrate Christmas Olivia Style!

I'll be honest, I hadn't watched much Olivia until we received this DVD from Nickelodeon. I had always seen the previews for the show, just never watched it because we already have our favorites. Well, since watching this first ever holiday movie, Merry Christmas Olivia, we are now fans.

This DVD has 8 episodes featured on it and is approximately an hour and a half long. Perfect for some quiet time or some fun time for me and Lili!

Here is a little about some of the episodes featured:
Olivia spreads Christmas cheer at Francine’s July beach party! Then, with her favorite doll, Matilda, missing, Olivia dreams of being a Santa who returns lost toys. Merry Christmas Olivia!

There are actually quite a few DVD's out from Olivia - if you love her and her show, just search it and you will find them too. I went over to Amazon and found quite a few! They also have a lot of other Nickelodeon DVD's on there too!

GET YOUR OWN! It is available for purchase NOW! You can get your own Merry Christmas, Olivia from Nickelodeon where you purchase your DVD's currently, or you can click HERE!

shannonsignature copy*I was provided with a copy of Merry Christmas, Olivia from Nickelodeon free of charge in order to give my unbiased opinion and to conduct this review. What was written above is my opinion!*

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